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Surfing the waves of chronic physical and mental illness

Trying something new. Blogging on a note-taking app on my phone. I hate typing on my this will be relatively short. Today I made an analogy on the comment section of another blog about living with mental illness as "surfing the waves." I had said something to the effect of: that is all we… Continue reading Surfing the waves of chronic physical and mental illness

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Let me re-introduce myself…

It's been a month since I last worked on my blog.  Things have been a bit rough with my health and life, in general. For those who know me, or get my blog in your email (thank you!), you know I suffer from at times, debilitating mental health symptoms.  The downs and the "what does… Continue reading Let me re-introduce myself…

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Let’s talk about your flare…..

This is me....expressing my GI/IBS/Fibromyalgia/CRPS/RSD Flare for the past week: JoAnna's Flair in Office Space .  The previous clip is from the 1999 Mike Judge film, "Office Space." JoAnna is plagued by her pieces of flair she has to wear, and as you can see, has had enough.  There is a good friend, I will call,… Continue reading Let’s talk about your flare…..