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Hello and welcome! The title of my blog should give you a good idea about me. I am a, I hate to say it, retired ballerina. I started my training in 1980 and was fortunate enough to teach from 2005 until 2009; when my severely injured foot just couldn’t handle it anymore. That was not my “chosen” full time profession, however. I was educated at Harcum College, in Bryn Mawr, PA, USA. I went for 3 semesters; as 2 years of Marine Biology and General courses transferred into the Veterinary Technology program. I did my practica at University of PA’s Veterinary Schools. The Small Animal Hospital is located in Philadelphia, and the Large Animal Hospital is located in Kennet Square. I sat for my state boards for veterinary technology and passed the very rigorous exam and became a Certified Animal Health Technician. It was changed to Certified Veterinary Technician a few years later. It is in the works now to be changed to Certified Veterinary Nurse, as we do ALL aspects of nursing and laboratory technologies, and more! But the main thing is the compassion towards animals and nursing them back to health.

By 2002, I had to stop working because of multiple health problems. I had finally been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, after several years of wondering and multiple doctor visits. I had also received a few mental health diagnoses. I have been trying to work part time, ever since, but can’t seem to be stable in that area. I did go back to school for Professional Massage Therapy from 2005-2008, but had to stop because of the problems with my hands, wrists, arms, shoulders, and back.

In 2012, I returned to Philadelphia for training. This time as a Certified Peer Specialist. I was trained through the Mental Health Association of PA.  I had worked ALOT part time until 2015, when I just couldn’t keep up anymore. I enjoyed my job, but sometimes it was hard because I would take on people’s problems and take it personally.

I have burned out multiple times. Each time was a combination of environmental issues and internal issues. I’d really like to help people, even though helping marine life was my first job of choice. That got switched to small animals through many various events. I’d give almost anything to be able to be back at where I used to work. The lady vets I worked with were wonderful. I miss them alot. But through educating myself on migraines, mental illness, fibromyalgia, and now CRPS/RSD, I have grown to want to support others, AND want support for myself from others. Hopefully that can start here.