chronic illness, mental health, Self-Esteem

Surfing the waves of chronic physical and mental illness

Trying something new. Blogging on a note-taking app on my phone. I hate typing on my this will be relatively short. Today I made an analogy on the comment section of another blog about living with mental illness as "surfing the waves." I had said something to the effect of: that is all we… Continue reading Surfing the waves of chronic physical and mental illness

chronic illness, domestic violence, mental health, Self-Esteem

Letting go and endurance

  Merry Yule, Happy Winter Solstice today. Just a warning that this blog post tonight has some graphic content in about domestic violence. I haven't gotten to write in a few days. I had migraines two days in a row. But today was better. I went to some friends' house to have conversation, tea, and… Continue reading Letting go and endurance


We are all Flawsome

What if we each embraced our Flawsomeness instead of talking negatively to ourselves? If we each talked positively to ourselves, gave ourselves self-love, and maybe a hug....or at least a nice warm soak in the tub frequently; do you realize how much we could raise our own vibration? How about the collective vibration of the… Continue reading We are all Flawsome