migraines and cool surprises in the mail

Hello!!!!! I got socked with a migraine Monday night about 8:30pm, after posting my last blog update on being a Guinea pig. I took my night time meds, including the brand new propanolol at 8:15pm, and by 8:22, I was feeling funny and had to lay down. I was out of it and couldn’t move by 8:55pm, when my alarm went off to get Mr. Piggers and Simon’s carrots for the night and to pack my husband’s lunch for work. Luckily, he is self-sufficient and could pack it himself. Even moved my car and his car around to go out to work. But being a former mechanic, he’s used to that.

I was pretty much out of it and in pain for about 36 hours. I couldn’t even get up until about 11:00am Tuesday, and had to cancel with my psychologist at 8:55 for my 10am appt. My cats went without their “smoothie.” Years ago, my vet went to a special continuing ed conference for felines and found out that to help prevent renal (kidney) disease later on in life, cat owners should double, triple, even quadruple the water portion to 1 portion of canned cat food that has a high moisture content. She found that the pates have the highest mositure content, so that’s what mine have been getting for years. I blend some oat grass (“cat” grass), a cat & dog probiotic powder, and 1/2 can (about a 6oz can) in with 2 cans of filtered, alkaline water and blend. The boys love it. And the one female cat that needs the probiotic for the inflammation in her gut, won’t go near it.  I’m sure if I would have asked my husband to get it for them, he would have. But I kept insisiting, in my wee mind, that I was going to do it.

Around 2pm, my chiropractor’s office called to remind me of my Wednesday appt and the office manager said that I sounded horrible. I told her my eyes were popping out and I could barely turn my head without pain and my body felt like shit. I had even nursed a cup of tumeric & ginger tea by then (for inflammation). I’d also had my morning meds, doses of cbd oil, and a maxalt. They got me in at 4pm, although I could have come in for anytime before that, but I didn’t want to wake my husband, who works 3rd shift.

My chiropractor said I looked pretty bad, I’m really surprised I changed out of my PJ’s and put on jeans and a tee shirt. My hair was all over the place b/c I had soaked in an epsom salt with pain-relieving essential oils and very hot water for over 40 minutes with a hot wash cloth over my eyes. She stretched out my skull and neck muscles and adjusted my neck. C-1 & C-2 vertebraes were out and twisted. I felt a little better almost instantly. I did take another maxalt at 6:30, and by 7pm, we were able to watch a program on Gaia TV, on-line, without my ear drums feeling like the were flapping or my eyes not focusing correctly.

This morning about 7am, I woke up with tremendous pain, but by 8:30am, when I got up, I felt “normal” again. When the chiropractor checked me out this afternoon, she said my skull and neck muscles were much more supple and C-1 was misaligned, but it wasn’t twisted, like it was yesterday.

While I was making a vegan breakfast scramble and Jamaican me crazy chocolate chip brownies for a potluck (I’ll post the recipes in the future), my dad dropped off a beautiful HUGE bleu pontsettia. I’ll have to take a picture tomorrow and post. That color always makes me smile because it always reminds me of The Snow from The Nutcracker Ballet. Our mail lady also dropped off our mail at the same time and, to my surprise, got the items pictured above. Neither gave me a tracking number, so I wasn’t sure when they would get here.

The tee shirt was a pre-order about 6 weeks ago through www.tinybuddha.com .  The book and CD lecture course were part of www.soundstrue.com 75% discount sale that I believe, is still going on. I also got an on-line course on The Healing Touch, which is about Reiki. Both sites have excellent choices for well-being and positive living. Check them out!

It’s snowing here, in Berks and Schuylkill Counties in Pennsylvania, USA again. There was definitely a noticable difference once I hit the line for Schuylkill County, coming home. By the time I got to the back road, I had to take home for about 10 miles, it was sticking. One thing I have always wondered, always having had cars…..why do people that have 4×4 trucks and SUVs go so damn slow? I mean like 10-15 MPH. And alot of times….that is uphill. Drives me nuts. Not that I have really ever gone past 45….I have learned to take my time and whatever, or whoever it is can just wait longer. I’m a valuable part of this household and would be missed. Plus I love my car, even though it’s a 1999, that is slightly dented. It’s the only car I’ve ever had that I have totally and completely paid for myself without the help of my parents. And it has to last me the rest of my life. Lol.

With that, I will bid you good night. Or good morning.

Take Care, Be As Well As Possible, and Until Next Time…

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