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CVS Awareness Day

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March is Auto Immune Awareness Month!  Many of my friends have Chronic Illnesses and are Chronic Babes. Us Girls have to stick together. (That is a reference to a friend’s book coming out later this year about her struggle with a rare disease.) This is a mini-blog post honoring my dear friend Dani. I’ve only known her, in person for about 2 years, but have known of her since 2012. She has Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome. Over the years through another friend, I have heard about Dani and her medical issues. I even had participated in a “Positive Energy Flow” to her while she was having her brain tumor removed in 2013. I had been working when I got the text that she was going into the surgery suite. I had continued to do Long Distance Reiki for her highest good during the time she was in surgery, and for her on-coming days afterwards, in recovery.


I have really only been in person with her, twice, I believe, to this point. But we have messaged each other every few days and share dog pictures and seem to have alot in common. We lift each other up, as many of my friends do. I’m hoping I can highlight their rare diseases on those specific days to bring about awareness of the struggles that people go through.

Anyway, here is a 3+ minute video on some of the struggles Dani, herself, has gone through since having this disease. I hope it brings awareness to you and yours and if you know anyone with a rare disease or chronic pain and illness, to be there for them when they need to vent and need a shoulder to cry on. Just plain support from a close friend.

Here’s to DANI-MITE And CVSpeaks!!!!!  Have a great, symptom-free day!!!!! Don’t forget to wear blue and support those living with CVS!!!

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  1. Giiiiiiiiiiirl!!! You have me ballin’ my eyes out with happy tears. Thank you SO much for dedicating a post just for me. I know we only met twice, but, I feel like we are meant to be true, good and amazing friends. Friends for life. Best of friends. You are my people and I adore and love you so very much!!

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