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A “little” vegan and vegetarian breakfast bowl tonight…

I keep having plans of doing my week “whatever” of the CBD oil trials and the decreased pain (which is fascinating!)…..but I don’t know, our supper tonight was just too good to pass along. I don’t actually have or follow recipes very much, I just kinda estimate by what it looks like, and “Yup, looks good” stir….and hope for the best….lol.

Last night in rumaging through the freezer, I found some butternut squash noodles, so they went in the fridge to thaw. My bag of shredded kale was already in the fridge for smoothies that I didn’t do, so that was ready to go. Then I found a 2 cup or more jar of salsa that was unopened, so I grabbed that. I dumped all three of these ingredients into my 8 cup rice cooker and plugged it in. After about 15 minutes of warming up, I stirred everything together and then set it on “cook.”  As I was running around doing this, I dumped a pound of pre-cubed, drained, and pressed as much as possible in the box, with the plastic “lid,” onto an oiled tray for the toaster oven. I use Nasoya’s organic tofu…non-gmo. I sprayed some olive oil over it and sprinkled generously with Yuengling’s Smoked Salt, and “tossed”/mixed with my hands. Then I popped it in to the toaster oven and put it on 350 degrees for about 30 minutes.  The above plate has 1/2 missing because I have an obsession with baked tofu and just chuck it in to my mouth while passing by.


While the tofu, kale, squash, and salsa was baking, I chopped up 10 red potatoes….well, cubed them actually with a French fry cuber…..it’s the most amazing thing for people whose hand strength isn’t good. I cut the potato into 4 slices, then do 1/2 and 1/2 through the cuber by pressing the cuber down on the potato slices on a cutting board. We like Little Peace Farm‘s potatoes and fresh veggies. They are a local farm that uses no chemicals on their produce. The veggies are much notably smaller, but….O…M…G…is the taste amazing. And the family is super nice. We don’t buy into the CSA, although I’d like to. My husband doesn’t eat all that much variety, and I’d have a hard time keeping up with consuming the weekly share all by myself. So we just go and buy every week at the share pick-ups and buy what I think I’ll eat. Although….when there’s green beans and broccoli available, look out, because my husband will push you aside to get that….lol.  Our second choice for potatoes are from another local farm, that sells in at least 2 of the local grocery stores. We like Huntzinger Farm’s Little Red Potatoes. That’s what I used today.  With the cubed potatoes, I put them in a mixing bowl and poured some melted coconut oil over them, I’d say about 1-2 Tbsp. Then I sprinkled liberally with the smoked sea salt again. I tossed them with my hands. After the tofu was done, I popped those babies in the toaster oven and baked them for about 40 minutes at 350 degrees. The edge cubes got a little too toasted, so if you’re going to attempt this, I’d back it off a bit on the time. After they were done, I mixed them in the rice cooker with the kale, squash, and salsa.


We went to Weis because they have a small selection of Tofurkey products. I did want to get the Breakfast Links, as they are my favorite, and it’s easy to slice them into 5 chunks each, but they were out today. I was going to get the LightLife veggie sausage pack, but my husband noticed the 3 flavors of Tofurkey “othertime” sausages. So he picked the Polish sausages. I also eyed up and grabbed the sliced baby Portobellas for the scramble.   So when we got home, I popped 2 of the sausages in the bottom shelf, which I did fix that rack….lol…it was in crooked. I drizzled olive oil over the already oiled-up pan and spritzed with the white balsamic vinegar in the top picture. OMG…..I kept sneaking bites…..lol….they were so good. I think I found a permanent way to make mushrooms. I had the shrooms and sausages in for about 20 minutes on 350.


While the shrooms and sausages were baking, I made my husband his scrambled eggs. I used two of these eggs, which we usually get ours from Little Peace, but haven’t been there in a while. And eggs last him a long time, so we usually just get 1/2 dozen every few weeks.  I added 1/2 and 1/2 to it, and some smoked sea salt and scrambled with a fork. We normally don’t use our microwave, but tonight I did, as our skillet was being washed and sanitized. We have one of those nifty little microwave ceramic cookers with a “smokestack” on the lid to vent whatever is cooking. This was only the second time I used it, but it is very nice. It took two one-minute intervals to cook.


So after everything was done cooking, I chopped up the sausages and put one in each bowl. I put the tofu in the left bowl, and the scrambled eggs in the right bowl. I put two heaping serving spoonfuls of the kale, butternut squash noodles, salsa, and potatoes in each bowl, and then topped with the baked shrooms and tossed and mixed each bowl. Neither of us finished our bowl. Mine is saved for tomorrow’s breakfast or lunch. I sent him off to work with his remainder and a sprouted grain bagel he can toast to make a sandwhich if he wants.

So now that my belly is full, and I am tired, I will leave you with pictures of Simon (Bootsie is curled up to his left) and Mr. Piggers in his new snuggy bed.

Take Care, Be As Well As Possible, and Until Next Time…

2 thoughts on “A “little” vegan and vegetarian breakfast bowl tonight…”

    1. The cranberry orange scones were from a box. I have to hunt for a scone recipe and transform it to vegan. As I said….I don’t follow recipes much. I just go on instinct & hope for the best. And sometimes….it’s pretty terrible….lol. Not often, but it does happen.


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