My Fire Fox hates WordPress when it’s snowing, or, Day 2

I apologize! This is only really the third day of me blogging. I thought I put this on the blog. I couldn’t check the site because of internet problems. We’ve discovered our filter for our phone line and internet was corroded, so we need to get new ones. So this isn’t actually going out until just now, Sunday Night at 9:40pm, EST. It was meant to be published more around Noon today.

12/9/17 Saturday.

It snowed today in PA. I’d say where I am, we got maybe an inch when my husband and I ventured out to dinner about 6:00pm. I think it started snowing about 10:00-10:30am here. I had been on WordPress in the morning and early afternoon, and all was well. By 8:15pm, Mozilla’s Fire Fox had been giving me an error page, saying the “https://” certificate is unknown and could be malicious. Meh. So I somehow managed to get wordpress.org up, but not the “.com” site. Going through that trap door didn’t work either. It’s currently after 10pm, I am tired, cranky, and waiting to take a dose of CBD oil and go to bed. Maybe it’s the snow because Facebook was incredibly slow and I am lacking patience right now. The first veterinarian I worked with in 1997 always said “Patience is a virtue.” meh.

So I had some interesting things happen today. I was planning on writing my history of dance down with the results of how I have been feeling. Also loading a page of the helpful apps I use on my phone from Google Play. But then the error page happened and I’m not in the mood. Plus….as far as my Fire fox is concerned, WordPress and my blog do not exist. And I’m not about to type all this on my phone and fool around with a (what I want to be) professional wellness blog.

Anywho, my CRPS/RSD (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome/Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy) right foot didn’t have random nerve firings all day, until we were in the car going to dinner. I’ve had problems with my foot for years, as I will explain in the future, that cut my daily athleticism very short. I had my second reconstruction foot surgery on October 13, 2017. They found some pretty messed up things, which I will get to, hopefully this week. I just had my 6 week check-up last week. The first 2 weeks were good, but then, I was in bed with my leg elevated “toes to nose” level most of the time. After my 2 week check-up and suture removal, I was allowed to lightly walk on my foot. Since then, every day it has gotten a bit worse. I get these seething electric jolts and/or it feels like a burning hot rod being forced through my foot at one of the few surgery sites. It causes me to jump, kick my foot out, and yell or shout. It has caught my husband and animals off-guard. Well, I didn’t have that today until after 6pm. It’s done it about 5 times since then. Which is still way better than way more times than that every half hour. Also, when I flex my toes, there is less electrical impulses going through my foot. Another weird thing is that my left ankle hasn’t cracked when I point my toes all day, either. And normally, it cracks constantly.

My joints are hyper-mobile (WAY more flexible than they should be) and make funny sounds. This has been a life-long thing. My first rheumatologist for Fibromyalgia said that is one of the “symptoms” of fibro. I always joked that on the day I was made, the mechanic was out to lunch and they just used whatever parts they could find to put me together. Also….IF Cirque de Soliel had been around in 1993, when I ventured off to college for Marine Biology, I was (and still am) just crazy enough, that I would have tried to run away and join the circus. I am a contortionist-like ballet dancer and the little kids called me the “Pretzel Lady” years ago. I can still do most of the things and have done well at most yoga poses, or did, when I was able to take classes the other year. For now, I just do basic stretches to keep me mobile and stretch out my back a lot.

Speaking of which, my lower back isn’t as achy today, like normal. One of the group of muscles is called the QLs. It stands for the Latin name, quadratus lumborum. They help stabilize the low back and they are the bane of my existence. If you touch certain spots, I will turn into a dragon and breathe fire upon your brow. Years ago in massage school, my one partner sent me to the ER twice with muscle spasms she created by pressing my Fibromyalgia body too hard. Luckily, my local rheumatologist could squeeze me in and give me injections into the muscles to calm the spasms and flares. My professor wouldn’t let anyone else touch me, but her from then on.

Well, with that thought, and my dry eyes from staring at the screen and not blinking for 10 minutes, I will leave you. Thanks for reading! Have a great and pain-free day!

Take care, be as well as possible, and until next time.

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