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Deleted! Finding comfort in your circle and other fun topics

Sadly, as I pressed publish for this about 15 minutes ago….the slate was wiped clean….pictures and everything. Thanking friends and medical personnel for their support. More about my CRPS foot and the most recent diagnoses added and surgery #3 pending. What fun things I will be doing this week. ug. Maybe tomorrow I can re-do. I have been searching history buttons and drafts frantically. Nothing. An hour and a half thinking and typing. Gone into the great unknown of computer-land and the world wide web. sigh…….

1 thought on “Deleted! Finding comfort in your circle and other fun topics”

  1. I HATE when this happens!!! Grrrr
    It’s why I’ve started writing EVERYTHING in a word doc first and THEN copying it to whatever medium I’m putting it on. I’ve gotten sick of rewriting! ❤

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